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Viva was able to match us with a great VA in a matter of days. Our VA has great communication skills, business acumen, and overall training in all aspects of admin, HR, and ops. Would highly recommend Viva to any Founder/Exec who is looking to get more leverage on their time!
Tim Zheng


shipwell logo exec viva
I have been thrilled with Viva. I do not know what I would do without my Viva Executive Assistant Maria. She reduced my administrative burden and organized my team’s operations all within a few weeks. As I engage her on more things, I only see upside.
Karen Sage


My Viva EA has done much more than I imagined and expected. For example, she went through some of my old Slack conversations from before she even started supporting me and proactively found things she could take off my plate. She really goes out of her way to help. Her work is not only high volume, but also high quality. She’s also a happy person that brings positive energy to the team.
Marion Schleifer

Head of Operations

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