Simple and transparent pricing

Monthly support

Users (Supported Executives)

Customer Success Manager

EA PTO Backfill

Contract Tailoring

Starter plan


Per month,
billed quarterly


Enterprise plan

Talk to sales

Up to 3

Starter plan


Per month,
billed quarterly

Monthly support: Full-time (140 hours)

Customer success lead



Administration support

Supported users: 1

Enterprise plan

Talk to Sales

Monthly support: Multiple analysts

Customer success lead



Administration support

Operations support

Supported users: 2+


  • How do you hire top talent?

    Our 5-step recruitment process allows us to attract and hire the top 1% of our candidates. Our mission, culture, and growth opportunities allow us to retain and develop our talent.

  • Where is your talent located?

    Our talent is located across 9 countries in Central & South America.

  • What is the typical schedule and time zone of your talent?

    Our talent is available to support you between 8 am to 5 pm local time. We cover all North American time zones – from Pacific Time to Eastern Time.

  • What is the level of English proficiency of your talent?

    Our talent is fluent in verbal and written English. They all have previous experience working in English as well.

  • What is the education and experience of your talent?

    Our talent at a minimum has an undergraduate degree and 5+ years of professional experience.

  • What is your training process?

    Our talent is trained for 2 months through Viva University, a rigorous hands-on training program we’ve created based on input from executives like you.

  • What level of familiarity do you have with productivity and collaboration tools?

    Our talent is highly proficient in Google Workspace, Office 365, and many other tools. See our full list here.

  • What do I do if I have never had executive support before?

    We have developed a seamless onboarding process that doesn’t require executives to have any prior delegation experience.

  • What is included in your plans?

    Our plans are simple and transparent – every package includes remote executive assistant talent, technology, and techniques. Full details on our pricing options at the top of this page.

  • What is the schedule of my Executive Assistant?

    Viva Executive Assistants are available to support on a full-time basis.

  • What do I do if I need more capacity from my Executive Assistant?

    We have additional Viva Executive Assistants that can be onboarded in under 24 hours.

  • How should I proceed if I need Executive Support now but Business Operations later?

    You can sign up for the Starter plan now and upgrade to the Enhanced Plan later.

  • I have some needs that are outside the support areas listed.

    Our solution covers much more than the support areas listed. Your Customer Success Lead can help you with this.

  • How much business operations work does an analyst need to support me with before I have to upgrade to that plan?

    We require an upgrade to the Enhanced Plan if there is a recurring need (i.e. more than once) for Business Operations.

  • Is it possible to have someone support me part-time only?

    We have seen the best results when our customers have trusted us to support them in a full capacity. As such, we do not have part-time options at this time.

  • Can I share an Executive Assistant with another executive?

    Our Starter Plan supports up to 1 user. Enhanced Plan supports up to 2 users. If you need support for more than 2 users, you can explore our Enterprise Plan, which would include support from multiple Executive Assistants for multiple users.

  • Do I need to interview a pool of candidates?

    We have a proven process to match you with the best talent based on your needs and personality. In the rare event that you are not satisfied with your Viva Executive Assistant, we will match you with an alternate one asap.

  • After matching, what’s the value of working with you?

    Our solution includes three main areas that deliver long-term value for your productivity:

    • Talent – we take care of hiring, training, matching, oversight, upskilling, and retention to ensure strong long-term on-the-job performance. We also cover HR, payroll, compliance, and more so that you have zero overhead.
    • Technology – we are experienced at using and driving company-wide adoption of the latest productivity tools from Day 1 and beyond.
    • Techniques – we will train you on best practices for delegation, automation, and prioritization on an ongoing basis.

  • How do you handle data privacy and confidentiality?

    Our talent has previous experience handling confidential information. We also provide extensive training and tools on data privacy and confidentiality along with daily and/or weekly data wipes. Some of our tools include a virtual private network, antivirus, and secure password sharing. Lastly, we’re trusted by customers that are SOC II certified.