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Kiva microloans

Viva supports female entrepreneurs by providing microloans administered through Kiva.

Microloans refers to small loans provided to people in low-income communities who are traditionally excluded from the formal financial system due to lack of savings, credit history, or employment. Kiva is a non-profit organization that acts as a micro-lending platform, a place where people who need a loan and people who want to loan money can connect.

Provide microloan to a woman entrepreneur in Latin America

Provide business coaching and mentorship through workshops

When the loan is repaid, we select a new entrepreneur

A 2017 study found that providing women with microloan services could greatly impact gender equality in that country. A mere 15% increase in female clients could reduce gender inequality by as much as half.

NGO partnerships

Viva has directly partnered with NGOs in Latin America to deliver business workshops to female entrepreneurs. Past topics include: public speaking, emotional intelligence, product-market fit, and business finance. Our workshops have helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Pro Mujer is a leading mission-driven social enterprise and an industry leader in financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, and health, with a women-centered approach in its innovative programs.

MiCrédito reaches underserved populations in both urban and rural Nicaragua. The organization strives to offer products tailored to meet client needs, and embraces new mobile technology to serve clients more efficiently and effectively.

Fundación Salvadoreña de Apoyo Integral (FUSAI) is a non-profit foundation focused on serving business owners. They do this through business education, and digital inclusion. advocacy, and microloans.