Our Story

Viva was founded to solve the problem of lost productivity through a combination of top talent in Latin America, technologies built by startups for startups, and techniques created by Viva to improve the way leaders work.

Our team has extensive experience at startups and large enterprises. Having been part of a variety of different companies, we’ve consistently noticed a productivity gap for executives at start-ups.

Where this problem
starts and why it’s important to solve it

During these experiences, we’ve discovered the invisible problem of lost productivity caused by inadequate staffing.


A problem that’s often overlooked because it’s more about how work is done versus doing the work.


As a result of this problem, we’ve seen leaders become overwhelmed and negatively impact their companies because they were ignoring the productivity problem at hand.

The damage if left unsolved

Left unsolved, this productivity challenge negatively impacts startups
in 3 ways.

Inefficient use of time

Drastically slows down your company growth because your leaders cannot operate efficiently with their time.

Сonflicting priorities

Worsens the experience for their teams since conflicting priorities mean they don’t have as much mental capacity to focus on their team priorities, coaching, training, and mental health.

Unnecessary stress

Reduces the quality of life and applies unnecessary stress to leaders which steals cognitive capacity that would’ve been otherwise used for solving core business problems.

Why we care about
this problem

Over 50% of startups fail because of poor leadership. It’s incredibly difficult to be an effective startup leader when there are so many things to juggle on your plate.

There is no “school for how to work efficiently and productively”. Viva is out to set the golden standard on defining what it means for startup leaders to work productively.

Leadership team

Viva is a distributed team of people who are passionate about productivity and collaboration. While our headquarters are in Toronto, our team can be found working remotely across the globe - from Guatemala to Ecuador.

Adnan Khan

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Fineas Tatar

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

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